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"Finally A Good Night Sleep!

"Finally A Good Night Sleep!  Our sleep situation was really inconsistent during the first year of my daughter's life.  I co-slept with my daughter Araya until she was 5 months old and it no longer was working as she was waking up to breastfeed many times on the night. My husband and I decided to try sleep training methods and got her sleeping in her crib. But she was still waking in the night and I would be too tired to stay consistent over night.  At a year old, she was waking in the night to breastfeed 2-4 times a night. Once I went back to work and I was exhausted after just two weeks. I was lucky to have a couple weeks off for Christmas and that's when I when I ran into Lynn. She mentioned she is a sleep coach and right away I knew I needed her help! From the moment I contacted Lynn, she was there by my side. She made an easy to follow, clear and concise sleep plan for us to follow. After just two nights, Araya was falling asleep on her own and staying asleep! Within a few days she was waking in the night for a few minutes and going back to sleep on her own. I could not believe it! After about a week she could fall asleep on her own with NO crying! Once I was back at work after the Christmas break, I knew that I could handle it. It's amazing what you can do with a good night's sleep! Being back at work also meant Araya had to adjust to napping in different places. Araya was at a day home part time and my parents part time. I was really worried about this as Araya always struggled to sleep in unfamiliar places. It did take some time and some adjustments. But all caregivers were on board with the plans and Araya was able to get good naps where ever she went.    I can't say enough about how Lynn was the key to our sleep success. She was able to analyze our situation and strategize unique ways we could achieve our sleep goals. She helped me to stay consistent with the plan and provided support daily for the few weeks it took to establish some regular routines. Lynn's kind and caring personality made her approachable and easy to talk to. She listened to my concerns and questions and was always there to help. I would recommended Lynn to anyone who is struggling with sleep! It will be worth every penny spent."


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