About Over The Moon

Over the Moon Sleep Solutions is here to help you and your family on the journey to better sleep.

All children are born with the natural ability to sleep well and it's up to us as parents to provide the environment and guidelines to allow those sleep patterns to emerge. 

There is so much information out there today on the subject of babies and sleep that it can be overwhelming and confusing for parents. That's where Over The Moon can help! 

We do all the research for you, customize and implement a step by step Sleep Plan and offer support & guidance along the way. We will teach you and your child the necessary skills that will give them a lifetime of great sleep. 

Over the Moon Sleep Solutions is based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We offer Consultations in person, over the phone or through Skype and can help parents all over the world!  

About Lynn

My journey to becoming a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant began with my own experience with my first child.

He had never been a good sleeper and I always ended up nursing him to sleep, and as the months went by, there didn't seem to be any end to our sleepless nights. Our child continued to wake several times a night and he always needed help to get back to sleep.  We grew desperate, overwhelmed and exhausted and we didn't know what to do. We read books, scoured the internet, talked to friends and tried several methods of which nothing seemed to work

Then we hired a Professional Sleep Consultant and our life changed completely.

We received a clear, concise Sleep Plan that was simple to follow and very effective. Within a few days our child had slept through the night! It was amazing. Within a couple of weeks he was doing it consistently and we became a well rested, happy, healthy family. 

I knew then that this was something I would always be passionate about.

Becoming a Certified Jammy Time Pediatric Sleep Consultant myself has been such a rewarding experience and I now have the privilege of helping other families with their sleep struggles. I am a mother of two wonderful boys and have always felt strongly about making sleep a priority for my family. I believe that healthy sleep leads to happy, inquisitive, active children who have the ability to reach their full potential.

Call 403-701-5964 today for a FREE 15-minute inquiry or email lynn@overthemoonsleep.com to learn how you can get started on better sleep today. 

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